Leading the chemical industry, Linxingpinechem is proud to be a premier turpentine manufacturer. Since our establishment in 1998, we have consistently demonstrated an unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. Positioned strategically in Guangdong Province, China, we have emerged as a symbol of excellence in producing and supplying turpentine and its deep-processed derivatives.


Defining Turpentine and Its Significance

Turpentine, a versatile organic solvent derived from pine sap, holds a crucial place in various industries. Its unique properties make it a valuable resource in the pharmaceutical, flavors and fragrance, synthetic resin and coating, and homecare sectors.


Properties and Attributes of Linxingpinechem’s Turpentine Products

Our turpentine products stand out due to exceptional quality and purity. Extracted through advanced processes, our turpentine exhibits superior solvent capabilities, making it an ideal choice for applications in paints, adhesives, and the fragrance industry. The controlled distillation process ensures the highest standards in every batch we produce.


Applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical realm, turpentine has been a traditional medicinal material for centuries. At Linxingpinechem, we take pride in contributing to the pharmaceutical industry’s growth by providing turpentine that promotes blood circulation, reduces swelling, and serves as a key raw material for various drugs, including cardiac stimulants and refrigerants.


Flavors and Fragrance Industry’s Delight

The flavors and fragrance industry relies on the rich aromatic compounds found in turpentine and its derivatives. From alpha-pinene to terpineol, our diverse product range caters to the nuanced needs of this industry, preserving and enhancing a myriad of delightful scents.


Synthetic Resin and Coating

Linxingpinechem plays a pivotal role in the synthetic resin and coating sector. Our turpentine and its derivatives serve as essential components in the synthesis of terpene resin, a key raw material for coatings and prints. The controlled quality of our turpentine ensures optimal performance in various applications within this industry.


Homecare Industry Innovations

In the homecare industry, Linxingpinechem’s turpentine products find applications in cosmetics, fragrance, soap, and pesticide manufacturing. From aromatic compounds enhancing soap and shampoo to serving as growth stimulants and long-acting bactericides in pesticides, our products contribute to a wide array of homecare solutions.



In conclusion, Linxingpinechem stands at the forefront of turpentine manufacturing, offering a range of high-quality products with diverse applications. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability makes us the trusted choice for industries seeking reliable turpentine solutions. Partner with us to experience excellence in every drop of Linxingpinechem’s turpentine.