Linxingpinechem is your reliable pine chemicals manufacturer. We pride ourselves on our cutting-edge production and research lab as the industry leader. Through quality control and innovation, we guarantee our goods meet the highest standards. We have high-quality Turpentine and deep-processed products, due to our large yearly deep processing capacity. Linxingpinechem provides high-quality goods and services to fulfill your demands.

Advanced Scientific Research Laboratory for Quality Assurance

Our company’s scientific research laboratory is at the heart of our commitment to quality assurance. We have established clear job responsibilities, internal quality audit and review regulations, and comprehensive training plans for our laboratory personnel. This ensures that every step of our product control process is meticulously monitored and adheres to the highest standards. We have strict provisions in place for inspection equipment, testing methods, sample management, and other crucial aspects. By maintaining a rigorous approach to quality control, we provide you with the confidence that our products meet your expectations.


Extensive Deep Processing Capacity for Diverse Product Range

At Linxingpinechem, we have an impressive annual deep processing capacity that sets us apart in the industry. Our advanced production line enables us to process 5000 tons of turpentine, 1500 tons of longifolene, 1000 tons of iso-longifolene, 500 tons of iso-longifolene, 1000 tons of terpinol, and 1000 tons of p-cymene and p-menthane series products. This capacity allows us to offer a diverse range of high-quality pine chemical products to meet your specific requirements. Whether you are in need of Turpentine and deep-processed products or other vegetable series products, we are your go-to source for superior quality and reliability.


Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

At Linxingpinechem, we are driven by a commitment to innovation and excellence. We take pride in being at the forefront of the industry, constantly exploring new possibilities and implementing cutting-edge technologies. Our dedicated team of professionals combines their expertise with our research and development capabilities to improve our pine chemical products continually. We understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve and meeting the evolving needs of our customers. With Linxingpinechem, you can expect innovative solutions and superior products that will add value to your business.



When it comes to pine chemical products, Linxingpinechem is the name you can trust. Our advanced scientific research laboratory ensures top-notch quality control, and our extensive deep processing capacity allows us to offer a diverse range of products to suit your needs. We are committed to innovation and excellence and stay ahead of the industry. Partner with us to experience superior quality and reliability. Contact us today to explore our pine chemical offerings. Together, we can achieve success with Linxingpinechem as your trusted partner.