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Linxingpinechem, a leading pine chemicals manufacturer, devoted to the production, research, and providing the best quality gum rosin for sale. Founded in 1998 and strategically situated in the industrial hub of Guangdong Province, which provides us access to high quality raw material source in China and benefit of easy transportation. At Linxingpinechem, our commitment extends beyond supplying top-tier pine chemicals. We’re also focused on delivering added value to our customers by implementing contemporary management strategies and stringent quality assurance system. This customer-first approach has earned us the trust of an extensive and diverse client base worldwide. We always welcome new opportunities to form mutually beneficial partnerships and warmly invite potential partners to visit our company.

Company Culture


Linxingpinechem is committed to creating value for customers and contributing positively to society, with a foundation built on mutual respect and benefit. 

Enterprise Spirit

As a leading pine chemical manufacturer, we operate with integrity and professionalism, ensuring quality while fostering innovation in pine chemicals processing and the fragrance industry to achieve sustainable growth.

Business Philosophy

Our strength lies in unity and quality assurance, as we pursue cooperative, win-win business strategies.


The scientific research laboratory is divided into scientific research, laboratory two parts, scientific research laboratory equipment is complete. Equipped with several SETS of GC high-precision analysis equipment and complete sets of scientific research and experimental equipment, scientific research and laboratory staff have passed the standard professional training and examination before working.

The company’s professional and technical personnel structure is reasonable. In addition to full-time technical personnel, the company also employs senior engineers in this field as technical guidance, which provides strong support for product quality assurance and technical innovation.

The company’s scientific research laboratory has clear job responsibilities, established internal quality audit and review regulations, developed relevant training plans, and made strict provisions on inspection equipment, testing methods, sample management and other links to provide guarantee for the whole process of product control.

Our company has the annual deep processing capacity of 5000 tons of turpentine,1500 tons of longifolene,1000 tons of iso-longifolene,500 tons of iso-longifolene,1000 tons of terpinol,1000 tons of p-cymene and p-menthane series of products of deep adding T production line, is the domestic professional production of longifolene, iso-longifolene, terpinol, vegetable ene series of products enterprises.

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