In the middle of Asia, Europe, and Africa continents, there is water like a sink of the sea, some people nickname it for “the foot basin forgotten by the God “Christianity, born of Judaism, and later Islam started in this area. Early Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations, the Aegean civilization represented by Crete, Megalith civilization represented by Malta, Phoenicians and Carthaginians facing the ocean, Hittites and Persians who ruled western Asia, the Greeks who brought democratic thought to the world, and then the Romans who created a Mediterranean age, have appeared one after another. This “foot basin” is not only the birthplace of European civilization but also the stage of many ancient civilizations. This great blue sea is the Mediterranean Sea. In the distant past, our ancestors looked across the sea to the west and imagined the world beyond. The Silk Road opened channels of communication between East and West, European and Central-Western Asian businessmen usually brought large quantities of gold and silver, jewelry, drugs, exotic animals, spices, bamboo cloth, and other commodities to China or sold along the way. What they bought from China is mainly color satin, satin, embroidery, gold brocade, silk, tea, porcelain, medicinal materials, and other commodities. Frankincense and myrrh and other precious natural fragrances were among the tributes brought by these merchants to the western regions of ancient China. And now these materials are extracted into essential oils, making them easier to store, transport, and repackage, and our annual intensive trips around the world will reveal more of their mystery and more of their beauty to the world.