India is one of the largest growers of Mint crops in the world and has been leading this industry for decades. The Mint crops that are grown in India are Mentha arvensis (Cornmint), Mentha piperita (Peppermint), Mentha spicata (Spearmint), and Mentha citrata (Bergamot mint). Out of these species, the larger area of cultivation is covered by Mentha arvensis crop which is widely used by most of the F&F, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical industry either as it is or is used in form of its isolate(s) made by this raw crude oil itself. One of the main isolates made by this natural mint oil is Natural Menthol Crystals. For a long India has been dominating this product and being produced with a YOY increase of 10-15%in demand due to an increase in demand for the Natural Menthol. Now recently starting from the Year 2013 there has been a threat to Natural Mint arvensisdue to the upcoming production of Synthetic Menthol in the market that is being assumed under approval from some of the big consumers of Natural Menthol. Many factors need to be taken care of to prevent the future of Natural Mints in which “price” is the main factor that is killing Natural Mint Market being directly/indirectly influenced by for e. g .yield of oil from the crop, demand, and supply chain, commodity exchange listing, etc.