The central region of Yunnan Province is one of the 18 national key development zones defined in the National Main Functional Areas Planning, which converges the best economic development factors and conditions of Yunnan Province. Along with China’s further opening and active integration into the pattern of global economic integration and industrial division in the world, constructing Mid-Yunnan New Industrial District and promoting the centralized and scaled industrial development in new space will become vital for the building of new engine and new growth pole of Yunnan economic development and also an indelible mark on the process of Yunnan’s reform and development. The New Industrial District will emphasize the target of strengthening Yunnan through industries, cater to the modern industrial trend and world science and technology, focusing on building high-end industrial clusters, give priority to the development of strategic emerging industry, put efforts into the cultivation of complete industrial chain and the development of high-end value chain and vigorously foster strategic emerging industries, such as biological medicine, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection and new-generation information technology. To build a hundred-billion national perfume industrial park in the central region of Yunnan Province, we will give full play of the climate advantage that 90%spiceberries in the world can grow in the open air in Yunnan, deeply explore and make use of the over 400natural perfume resources of Yunnan Province (e.g. folium eucalypti, rosemary, litseacubeba, citronella), focus on the international and domestic market demand for high-end flavors and fragrances and exert ourselves to create a complete industrial chain, including, seed selection and cultivation, introduction and domestication, large-scale plantation, effective extraction and distillation, down-stream essential oil and perfume and other products research and development, derivative household chemicals, cosmetics, food additives and beautify, health and fitness healthcare products. We will also promote the harmonious development of the first, second and third industries and the mutual support and synergetic development with such industries as tourism, Culture, and medical treatment and actively expand the increasingly demanding international and domestic oil and perfume market. By doing these, we can build Yunnan into an International Perfume Capital, lead the new consumption trend of domestic favors, and speed up the formation of another emerging, unique industry in Yunnan Province.