Turpentine oil is derived from longleaf pine trees and other pine species. The terms ‘turpentine’ and ‘turpentine oil,’ also called spirits of turpentine, refer to the essential oils extracted from these plants. It should not be confused with oleoresin (gum turpentine), which has other uses.

The oil is colorless and comes with a strong bitter taste. It has long been used as a natural remedy, mainly as a topical counterirritant for handling rheumatic disorders and muscle pain.

How Turpentine Oil Works for Pain Relief?

Turpentine oil is not a new remedy for pain relief. Its natural form makes it the safest and perhaps more viable solution. The oil is applied to the skin to relieve joint, muscle, and nerve pain. A gun containing turpentine oil is also a good remedy for toothache. Sometimes people inhale the vapors to alleviate chest congestion and issues related to lung diseases.

When applied to the skin, the oil creates a cooling sensation and then warms it up again. This reduces inflammation, increases blood circulation, and relieves pain. It causes warmth and redness that can be a boost in relieving pain from underlying tissues.


Turpentine Medical Use: Its Potential Benefits Over Other Pain Relief Options

Turpentine oil has more benefits than other pain relief solutions, such as prescription drugs. They include:


1. Natural and Non-Addictive

Thanks to its natural state and safety, toothache treatment is one of the top gum turpentine uses. It is derived from trees, without any synthetic chemicals that can be harmful to the body.

Aside from this, turpentine oil is non-addictive. We have seen many cases of consumers who have become dependent on prescription medicine, something you will never hear about turpentine oil. It is one of the safest pain relief solutions on the market.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Several pieces of literature document the use of turpentine oil in reducing inflammation. Pine essential oils are recorded to carry antimicrobial and anti-inflammation components that:

  • Easy inflammation symptoms for conditions like acne, eczema, and rosacea.

  • Relieve pain from arthritis, muscle tissues, and other health conditions.

More research is needed to ascertain the use of turpentine oil for this purpose, though. However, many users have reported it as a natural and effective way of dealing with these issues.


3. Cost-Effective

Buying pain medicine can be extremely expensive, especially when dealing with chronic diseases. Chemically produced medicine requires one to have a good source of income or medical cover. Turpentine oil occurs naturally in certain pine tree species and is, therefore, readily available. Hence, it does not require too much processing, making it more affordable than other solutions.

Note: It’s also important to consult with a healthcare professional before trying any new pain relief methods. Even with turpentine oil, consult your doctor for advice.

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Small tips:

please pay attention that the turpentine oil we provide can only be used as a raw material for medical-use-turpentine, but cannot be used directly as medicine.



Turpentine oil promises the best solutions for pain relief. It is a natural compound that does not pose too much risk to the users. However, it matters where you get the product from since synthetic turpentine also exists.

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