Longifolene, a versatile compound recognized for its unique chemical properties and good scents. Extracted via high purity separation and refining techniques from heavy-grade turpentine, Longifolene serves as a crucial raw material for synthetic resin production and other fine organic chemical industries.


Molecular formula:C15H24
Molecular weight:204.35


Our Longifolene is meticulously produced through a high purity separation and refining process from heavy-grade turpentine. This refined production process results in a superior-grade compound, ideal for various applications.


Longifolene, with its special chemical activity, finds extensive use across a diverse range of industries:

  • Synthetic Resin: As a raw material for synthetic resin, Longifolene contributes to the production of high-quality resins, used in various industrial applications.
  • Flavor and Fragrances: With Longifolene good scents, it is an excellent ingredient for the flavor and fragrance industry, enhancing the aroma profile of various products.
  • Flotation Agent: Due to its unique chemical properties, Longifolene is used as a flotation agent in various industrial processes.
  • Fine Organic Chemical Industry: Its versatile nature also allows Longifolene to be used in the production of other fine organic chemicals.

Packaging, Storage, and Transportation

Longifolene is securely packed in new 200L or 235L galvanized iron barrels, each with a net weight of 185kg or 210kg. We recommend storing this product in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated environment, away from direct sunlight.

During transportation, we adhere to the highest standards, taking every precaution to prevent conditions that could compromise the quality of the product. Measures against water inflow, pollution, and harsh impacts are stringently enforced.

For a reliable supply of Longifolene, reach out to us today. As providers of superior quality compounds, we strive to deliver products that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Experience the unique properties and good scents of our Longifolene.



Colorless transparent oily liquid

Relative density(D204)


Refractive index(N20)


Purity (GC)

65% 、75% 、 80% 、 85% 、 90%

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Molecular formula:C15H24
Molecular weight:204.35
Produced by catalytic isomerization of longifolene.
Application: With special chemical activity, isolongifolene is the basic material for synthetic perfume with a woody odor.
Packing: Net Weight 180kgs. Packed in53 gallons galvanized iron drums.

Pine Oil

Molecular formula:C10H18O
Molecular weight:154.23
Produced by high purity separate technique which is applied in distilling from essential of natural turpentine oil.
Application: With flowery odor contained lilac and wood, applied to perfumery for air freshener, disinfectant and antiseptic, cleanser, detergent; widely used as ore beneficiation, weave, dye, printing ink, etc.
Packing: Net Weight 180kgs. Packed in53 gallons galvanized iron drums.

Alpha Pinene

Molecular formula:C10H16
Molecular weight: 136.23
Produced by high purity separate technique which is applied in the distilling of gum turpentine.
Application: With special chemical activity, α – pinene is used as a solvent, basic materials such as paint, Synthesis camphor, borneol, isoborneol, terpineol, synthesis resin, medicine production, and perfume.
Packing: Net Weight 175kgs. Packed in53 gallons galvanized iron drums. To be kept away from heat and flame.


Molecular formula:C10H16
Molecular weight:136.23
Produced by high purity separate technique which is in the distilling of essential oil of gum turpentine.
Application: Insect-resist & insecticide, materials of terpenic resin, and synthetic menthol.
Packing: Net Weight 175kgs. Packed in53 gallons galvanized iron drums. To be kept away from heat and flame.

About Linxing Pine Chemicals

Linxing Pine Chemicals is a comprehensive company integrated with production, research, and trading on pine chemical products. Currently, we have more than 50 staff. We established production units with an annual capacity of 2000 MT of alpha-pinene and beta-pinene, 1500 MT of longifolene, 1000MT of isolongifolene,500MT of isolongifolanone,1000MT of paracymene and paramenthane,1000MT of terpineol and pine oil. Yunfu Linxing Pine Chemicals provides high-quality materials to food industries, coating, pharmaceuticals, flavors, and fragrances with modern management and a strict quality assurance system. The concept of creating value-added products for our customers makes us widely accepted by our global customers.